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Young Leaders

About the growing trend in the world of Indonesian politics and world politics, the issue is interesting young leaders made a separate discussion.

The Young and the Revolutionary

Young leaders should not only be seen from the side of the age, but also from the vision and mindset. Not less we are faced with the reality in which many young people from the age of thinking ‘archaic’ and not a few are grandfathers or grandmothers are youthful.

I think that is more sensible if we speak the ideal leader, compared to young leaders who simply do not change it as a trademark. However, the ideal here would be based on the needs of the nation and state.

In his book, Early Action (1926), Tan Malaka who was mentioned as the founder of the first party in Indonesia provides a way to find the ideal leader as he said the revolutionary leader with party political system: “The party must connect with a mass meeting, especially in the important, with all groups of people from all over the Indonesian archipelago. With no such contact, there will be no revolutionary leadership. ”

According to Tan Malaka, the leader must know the conditions that will lead, and to know and he must find out, and after knowing mepunyai he should be in a concrete way out. Finding the basis for and then make something else (better) is the real meaning of revolution, and revolutionary-minded leader who we really need now, rather than a reformer who figures to replace only the surface structure.

Reflecting on developments in the year 2010, we could refer to anyone who’s name appears in the political arena of Indonesia in particular. Is there a soul among those who also had a revolutionary idea?

Deni Andriana

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