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Israel Military Attack Ship Mavi Marmara, Harm World Humanity

Monday, May 31 2010, Zionist Israeli (Israel) army attacked the ship carrying the Mavi Marmara Freedom Flotilla humanitarian mission to Gaza Palestina. Until this article I wrote, recorded 19 people dead and dozens injured. This humanitarian delegation consisting of nine ships of various sizes, carrying 10 000 tons of humanitarian aid to Gaza and humanitarian activist 750 people from 50 countries, including Indonesia. Israeli soldiers stormed through the helicopter, after lurking tight entourage departing from Port Antaly Turkey.

In the context of and for any reason, Israel’s military offensive action is certainly an act of the damned! Especially countries that their citizens become victims of the attack-yack states ‘curse’ against these attacks.

I personally hope, of course, the curse and condemnation not only on the lips and political statmen alone, but must continue with political action, economic embargo against Israel, or if necessary, military action against Israel, which had clearly been doing crimes against humanity since the first in which the still-warm in our memory is an attack against the Palestina some time ago!

Another article about the Israeli attacks against Ship Mavi Marmara ->

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